Private Residence Groups

Private Residence Groups

There are two main types of PRGs, capital and non-capital based.
The choice between a capital and non-capital based PRG will depend on which model is best suited to your business and will meet your company's goals, the analytical of your target market and the location in which you want to work.

Over the twenty years GLOBAL INVESTMENT HOLDINGS has been in business of designing legal structures for over 300 tourist center establishments worldwide, enables GLOBAL INVESTMENT HOLDINGS clientele to draw on an incomparable knowledge base which contributes to a number of benefits.

How it works

For a one off association fee and in most cases an annual administration fee, consumers acquire multiple weeks or fractions in either a single luxury membership hideaway or in a portfolio of luxury private residences often in prime or unique locations with access to exchange under the same club brand wherever & whenever possible. Elite club services such as private concierges, chambermaid and butler assistance are often included.

GLOBAL INVESTMENT HOLDINGS services is superbly suited to simplify private assets or holiday club products and provide both builders and consumers with a wide range of benefits.