Flexible Legal Structures

Flexible Legal Structures

Choosing the correct legal structure is fundamental to the long term success of any fractioned ownership development.

Whether it is a simple fixed-week based holiday club model, a quarter share of a fractional club or a more Private Residence association, the importance of the legal structure should be at the forefront of any strategic and commercial planning.

Over the twenty years GLOBAL INVESTMENT HOLDINGS has been in business of designing legal structures for over 300 tourist center establishments worldwide, enables GLOBAL INVESTMENT HOLDINGS clientele to draw on an incomparable knowledge base which contributes to a number of benefits.

These benefits include but are not defined to:

A proven system which can be implemented internationally, it is simple and effective. Our systems lend credibility to the purchase process by managing high levels of costumer-client sustentation. The simplest form handling a strategy if you decide to trade as a whole or part of your enterprise or asset. Recognized by leading service providers within the industry including exchange companies & financial institutions. Trades securing processes are simple and cost effective.

Easy process providing holder & group certificates, processing upgrades and redistribution.

Repossession strategy for overdue upkeep fees is faster, more cost effective and helps to recover inventory in a more efficient way.

The legal structure also provides element standards of the land to be preserved easily over an undefined transaction.

Assures agreements are in place since the beginning before earnings are disbursed to bypass any futile disagreements and disputes.